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“Inner Sanctum”

In light of the darkness

The sum of all fears

If Saturday night doesn’t bring you to tears

I put on a face to show to the world

I cut my eyes so I cannot see

These horrors that have haunted me

Look at the way it all turned out

See the world spin

Hear us all shout

Now is so much easier than before

I gather myself and walk through walls

Summer is over and it smells like Fall

The walls have ears and the windows have eyes

Conjuring spirits through my closed fingers

The ghost of you forever lingers

I can’t see you anymore

You walk with blood in the palm of your hand

Scorching the earth and staining the sand

Will you carry this weight in the valley of souls?

The children are leaving

Their bodies interweaving

All Hallows’ Eve belongs to the lonely

Hearts still beat to a funeral drum

Waiting for the night to come

The stars are there for the taking

They move just for you

Guiding everything you do

You can touch them with your bare hands

You can reach them in your dreams

If you only knew what it means

There are creatures that are stirring

In your muscles, your bones and soft sinew

Another fright begins anew

People are screaming

Faces turn and fold within

A seance is about to begin

A service for those so dearly departed

It starts at the stroke of midnight

What sights will stir about tonight?

An inner sanctum opens to you

You can hear those demons snarling

Oh, isn’t Hell just darling?

But on nights like these when the banshee screams

You‘ll still hear me growling

A cacophony well worth howling

—David Allen

“On the Shores of Madness”

Peeking at the world through closed fingers

I glimpsed the horrors that hide in plain sight

Finding doubt where hope still lingers

Tracking scars from an ongoing plight

Madness approaches on the tips of its toes

Creeping around on all fours

It sews its seeds where fear still grows

Leaving refuse scattered along its shores

Madness closes in like a sleuth in the night

It slips down dark corridors

Straining hope like a sieve and replacing it with fright

Like mischievous foes in shadowy corners

Something lurks in forbidden places

Secret figures that creep in our dreams

They’re all that remain of familiar faces

Forever trapped in eternal screams

— David Allen