“It All Follows Suit”

Memories are tainted now
Most of them are changed somehow
Memories of you gone by
Of how and what and where and why
And it all flows to me
And it all but follows suit
My mind is misguided now
Of things that I had once contrived
Things that I had once subscribed
Are no longer to be found
And it all encumbers me
And it all but follows suit
Things are lost and things are found
Some of them are in the ground
Memories of you, my love
They are no longer sound
And it all enters me
And it all but follows suit
Buried deep beneath the waves
In hidden places and in caves
Secret places where I’ve wept
Is where my love for you is kept
And it all encompasses me
And it all but follows suit
Now that you have guided me
In lessons that I needed to see
Are you teaching comfortably
Now that you are over me?
And it’s all emended me
And it all but follows suit
And it’s all corrected me
As it all follows suit

Thanks for the lessons.
Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s “Teachers”

— David Allen

5 thoughts on ““It All Follows Suit”

    1. volkuros Post author

      I know, I’ve been very depressed for over three years now. I’d like to say that it’s getting better, but it really isn’t. Especially around the holidays. But I’ll be okay… I think. Thanks so much for checking on me, though. That really means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. volkuros Post author

        Thanks. I’m sorry to hear that about your parents. I can only hope that wasn’t recent. Not that it makes it any better, but time does help to heal. And by the way, I’m so grateful for all of the likes I get from you. It’s actually been very helpful in lifting my spirits. Thanks for that.

        Liked by 1 person

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