Quick Update

On this day, which would’ve been our three year anniversary, I’ve added a new addition to my other blog. And although I won’t be sharing any posts from the other blog here, I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a new entry available. This one will shed some light on how toxic of a relationship I was in, and it will finally offer some insight into how and why it ended. And again, please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the link again:

volkuros.blogspot.comOpen letters to the greatest love I’ve ever known

— David

7 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. yesyoucan111

    Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so sorry that you’ve gone and are going through this. I understand the hurt you’re experiencing. I will read the other blog post and by sharing your story, you’re helping a lot of people in a similar situation. Thanks again.
    Best regards Lotta

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      1. yesyoucan111

        I think that sometimes we meet people in life who, for some reason, just aren’t in the place, in the moment, to receive or give love. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people. They just isn’t capable at the moment. And that has absolutely nothing to do with you. And the hard thing is when a person who is ready to give and receive love falls in love with a person who is not. I read your story and I without knowing the big picture I just think that you did everything you could. And I think a must-must in all relationships is to feel safe and appreciated. I hope this experience will linger in time, even if such wounds never heals totally. You’l have to live with them. But writing about it is a very good way to make them bearable. I wish you the best of luck.

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      2. volkuros Post author

        Thank you! For the last three years, I’ve been wondering if there was something more I could’ve done. But I think you’re right, I did all I could. She has always blamed me for leaving, but she could never take any responsibility for what she did to force me to leave. The hardest part for me is that she could’ve fixed this any time she wanted to. And now it’s no longer an option. I just wish I knew why she wouldn’t. But it no longer matters. All I can do now is finally release this pain in the hopes that it’ll get better in time.

        Thanks again. And I hope things are getting better for you as well!

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      3. yesyoucan111

        I understand. I think, without knowing that your exgirlfriend didn’t do that, because she wasn’t able to do it. It’s not your fault and in a way its ot her fault either, even if it sounds strange. She wasn’t able to see things like you, and in this situation, there was absolutely nothing more you could have done. Nothing. You did everything you could. I do understand how hurt you feel. And thank you for your concern. I’m not totally fine, but there are so many parts in my life outside the area of romantic relatioinships that are a gift and I will focus on how incredible fortunate I am in those, and then only time will tell if me and my loved one will have the oportunity to meet and sort things out. If life doesn’t give us that oportunity, I know he did his best too.

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      4. volkuros Post author

        I like your outlook – both on my situation and on your own. It’s good to be hopeful, and it’s even better to be forgiving. Thank you for your kind words and understanding. I appreciate it.

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