Dear WordPress Readers

I’ve been considering for a long time whether or not I should share certain experiences from the last three years here on this blog. I know many of you have read my poetry here, and you’ve probably gathered that I went through a bad breakup with someone that I was very much in love with. And although it’s always been a temptation for me to share those feelings here, I’ve decided against it. This blog is something I created with the intention of sharing my poetry, my thoughts and my stories. And even though my poetry has more than alluded to certain issues that I’ve been facing, those poems are still just an extension of my feelings, and they’re just an artistic means of expressing them. And that’s what this blog has always been about. And that’s what it shall remain.

That being said, I actually did want to write about what I’ve been going through, so I’ve decided to start a new blog elsewhere. I only have two entrees so far, but I plan to post more soon. It’s about time that I finally begin to heal from this pain, and there’s no better way for a writer to do so than to write about it. So, I’m sharing the link to that blog with everyone here, because you’ve all been so supportive and understanding in the past. Whether or not you decide to read it is entirely up to you. I’m not asking that you do, and I certainly have no expectations. But if you do decide to read it, please feel free to comment and express your own feelings about what I wrote and whether or not it speaks to you directly. You’re more than welcome to do so, even if your views and opinions are not helpful or constructive. (Mostly, that last comment was intended for my ex and her own support group of internet bullies. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing from them as well. And that’s fine with me. I’d like everyone to see for themselves just what kind of animals they are.) As for the rest of my readers, I anticipate a more human response.

Thank you all for the support and kindness that you’ve offered thus far. It has always been appreciated and well received!


David Allen

Here’s the link: Open letters to the greatest love I’ve ever known (A statement that no longer applies)

I hope to hear from you soon!

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