“An Old Flame To Be”

What I wouldn’t give to stop my heart

…from loving you

As easily as you can me

I sometimes long to be so cold

How blissful it must be

But I have a wound that will not heal

And you, a heart that cannot feel

But must I wait for a grave to sit upon

In the midst of this life that should’ve be ours?

Or should I wait until the next time

Before you decide that I am yours?

I won’t forget you in this life

And I won’t neglect you in the next

I’ve known you since an age ago

…And maybe quite a few before

But if in this life I need to perch,

Upon your resting place

…Then so be it

If only just to speak to you

In this life, or the next

While two hearts that belong together

Still endure the test

Of our time that could still exist

…Well then, so be it

I’ll continue to read to you, as I’ve done before

And all of my god-awful words will pour

…Down through your soil

To warm your unaffected heart

To keep your grave from getting cold

To keep you warm at night

Long after you have gone

And to keep you satisfied, when no one else would

And to hold you so tight, when no one else could

And I’ll finish everything that we began

And remember a time when you trusted me enough

To offer me that dance, on a whim of mutual trust

When I was just your man

And all you had was lust

And whether I be your fire

And whether you are my kindling,

This life has played out before

And you were always mine to consume

As if you were Joan of Arc

And I was just that little spark

I would still be a glimmer in your eye

And we would always complete one another

And maybe once upon another time

You would still be mine

If my flames don’t scar you too badly

…in this life

And if my passion doesn’t enrage you such

…in this life, or the next

Perhaps you’ll give me your hand again

And not snuff out my love so fast

And hold on to me

As I’ve held on to you

For we should hold on to our love

As you’ve held on to your past

—David Allen

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