“Far from Nowhere”

I shield my eyes to a blood-red sky

Raising my hands to blot out the sun

While all around me, ash is falling

Charcoal and gray flakes to mark the earth at my feet

A stream seeps out from a spring in the ground

Tunneling a funeral procession of soot and sand

And floating on the back of this gurgling sludge,

A single white feather, lengthy and pure

The brightest of white, so virginal and undefiled

The last sign of life in this dusty realm

Between a crimson heaven and a blackened earth,

This, the final remnant of beauty of a scorched and barren terrain

And from in between the rocks, a quaking voice was heard,

Drowning out the thunderous roiling of the clouds above

And with an outstretched hand, a tall black figure appears

Pointing a finger so grotesquely long and slender

And with an accusatory scorn directed at me,

He shouted his disdain and commanded me to leave this place

I did not belong here

I was not welcome to walk among the dead and decrepit

I couldn’t agree more

It was not my choice to be here

So I knelt down and picked up the pale white feather

Raising it high above my head

And with one strong breeze I was carried away

Soaring high above the sand and detritus

To find a new home somewhere far from here

Where the air is not so thick

And the sky is not so heavy

—David Allen

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