“My Everything”

It was the summer of scandal

It was the season of deceit

Into the vast unknown, we travelled

Into that uncharted territory called love

Was it a dream, or just a mystery to unravel?

Was it an olive branch, or just an empty-handed dove?

Sometimes, we see patterns in the stars

We see rhyme within reason

We see change within the season

We find wounds that will not heal

Deep beneath our scars

You can sleep in the bed of my soul 

Rest your head upon my heart

You lonesome dove with two broken wings

A bird that cannot fly

So accustomed to failure

You’ve forgotten how to count your losses

You were my entire life, starting over from zero

You were everything to me

I torment myself when I think of you

But how could I ever forget?

The greatest love I’ve ever known

Now just a dream to remember

And my life without you

A nightmare to endure

—David Allen 

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