“A Year and Forever”

It’s a year today since we first met

And I miss you like it was yesterday

Every little laugh

Every tender smile

Do you still love me?

Did you ever?

Could you… Ever?

You’re my first thought every morning

And my last before I sleep

But I don’t dream of you

It’s become a nightmare

Every moment without you

It’s been a living hell

You completed me

You were my other half

Around you, I could be myself

I didn’t have to pretend

There was no need

You accepted me as is

And I embraced you

What happened to us?

How could something so right go so wrong?

Now I don’t know if you’re alive or dead

I just wish I knew how you felt

And I wish you knew how I still feel

If only you were in my arms again

I’d never let you go

It’s so painful to remember you

And it’s torturous not to be yours

—David Allen

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