“The Final Stroke”

How can I look at someone so damaged and hate you for what you’ve become?

How can I blame you for the pain in your heart?

I wish you and I had met when we were young

And I wish I was there to prevent that pain

I wish you were mine in another time

And I wish that I was still yours

I wish I could sooth your suffering

Smooth your scars

Heal your wounds

And block that devastating blow

The final stroke that tore us apart

The one that I answer for now

The one that you feel I’m to blame for

Who was it that damaged you so irreparably?

And how did it become my responsibility?

Who made you so emotionally unavailable?

Who was it that stole your trust?

There is no hatred in my heart for you

But I hate the person who damaged you so

I hate the person who stole you from me

And I hate myself for letting him

—David Allen

5 thoughts on ““The Final Stroke”

    1. volkuros Post author

      Oh, no. Don’t deny yourself that pleasure. 😉 Thank you for your kind words. I’ve learned to open up to people lately, and it would’ve saved me a few attempts if I’d only done that sooner. But I carried it alone, and that is never a good idea.



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