A World Living in Fear

What exactly is homophobia? To me, it’s not a fear of gays or the people who’s lifestyles are different from those who are heterosexual. What it is is a fear of being associated with them, and a fear of being guilty by association. It’s the same fear that all gays, whether “out of the closet” or not, have to face every day of their lives. It’s a fear of being different, and a fear of being targeted for being different. It’s the reason why so many gays live their lives in secrecy, reluctant and afraid to come out. It’s a fear of hatred; and more often than not, the violence that accompanies that hatred. In all honesty, each of us face that same fear, whether we’re gay or simply showing our support to someone who is. What it means to “come out” is to put yourself in the line of fire in order to be brave enough to live your life as you were born to live it. And what it means to be a heterosexual supporter of the LGBT community also paints a target on the backs of those who stand up for what’s right, as we stand by our friends and family who’ve had the courage to expose themselves to a world of bigotry and cruelty. But courage should not be a requirement when standing up for what we believe in. And hiding should never be an acceptable alternative to counteract the risk of that exposure. There will always be hatred, and therein lies the fear. 
I write this now to let all of my friends and family know where I stand on this issue. Because I’m not one to hide; not even in the face of terror. In a way, I suppose I am also “coming out.” I’m coming out as a supporter of the LGBT community and all that they stand to fight for. Because what we’re all fighting for is acceptance, and a dream where we can all live together in a world where our sexual orientation, religious beliefs, skin color, gender or societal status won’t disturb the balance in society, but rather ‘define’ the balance of what it means to be one race – one people. 
Let us one day live in peace, and let us not forever live in fear.

13 thoughts on “A World Living in Fear

  1. johncoyote

    People fear what they do not understand. I was lucky. I traveled to 40 countries with the service. I learn all people are the same. They want a safe place to live, ability to work and opportunity to live their life. I like the days of private life and respect. World had not changed. Just open up too wide by the new media.

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    1. volkuros Post author

      Very well put, John. People’s private lives are no one’s business but their own. It’s sad that people feel that labels are needed, or that they have to label themselves in order to identify better in society. There are enough things dividing us as a people already.


  2. grevisangel73

    It’s a shame we even have to go through any battles like this. I think we should have come further than this as a species,as human beings. I stand by anyone whatever their belief or orientation. Too many people pass judgement without looking at themselves. Their deeds, words and actions. We have to stop thinking we are better than others, and that only one opinion or way of thinking is the one that we should follow.

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      1. grevisangel73

        I sadly, agree with you. There is no reason for it, but I guess some of us revert back to our baser natures. We have not fully evolved yet.

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      1. midimike

        I think that is why I love blogging so much. You get to see that there really are wonderful people on this planet. Sometimes we are just hard to find LOL


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