Our secrets remain safe from their prying eyes
Under a gaze of suspicion we take to the skies

With a new protection and a cloak of disguise

We’ll rise above the clouds as eyes look up in surprise

We can’t protect you from the rights of decree

Defend your innocence or set your ignorance free

Growing and protruding like the spread of disease

The courts are now in session and your down on your knees

We cannot save you

Once they have enslaved you

We cannot placate you

Once they have embraced you

Help will be awarded when you’re helping yourselves

Those who tried to crush you are beyond it themselves

Servants to the man will earn a place on their shelves

Until the Devil knocks them down with all the lies that he sells

Servitude and greed and everything that’s impure

Come rapping and demanding that you open your door

Invite them in and all you’re left with is war

Racism, prejudice, and oh so much more

We cannot protect you

If they don’t reject you

We cannot console you

Once they’ve bought and sold you

Drink your own medicine and savor the taste

It’s the flavor of contempt that’s spitting back in your face

Wash it down with everything that you hate

And live to see the tragedy that’s left in your wake

Gaining all the allies that you’ve made in your life

Doesn’t mean a thing when you’ve got malice and strife

Hatred and disdain are the emotions you like

And you wear them on your sleeve between a badge and a knife

We cannot relieve you

How can we retrieve you?

We cannot accept you

Once the world rejects you

We cannot amend you

How can we defend you?

We cannot subscribe to you

How can we survive you?

— David Allen

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