“The Greatest Hits”

So, I hear your man has left you

Well, I wish him all the best

He stole every friend you knew

And then he took the rest

But after all was said and done

After all your tears and fits

Not everything was gone

‘Cause you’ll always have the greatest hits

Now you’ve sold your soul to fortune

And you were worth a fortune, too

But they only got a portion

Not the greatest part of you

The rest was left to chance

And it’s a gamble I’m willing to take

But they denied you a second glance

And they noted every mistake

But when they asked to hear your song

And they saw your most impressive tricks

Not everything was done

‘Cause you always had the greatest hits

You could’ve awed them with your beauty

You could’ve floored them with your voice

But they said, “you’re just a cutie.”

And, “you’ll be our second choice.”

Now, I’ve always known the greatest part

I just endured the minor bits

But there’s a place for you inside my heart

‘Cause you’ll always have the greatest hits

—David Allen

4 thoughts on ““The Greatest Hits”

    1. volkuros Post author

      I actually wrote this with the intention for it to be a song. You have a good ear! But, am I interested in what? Selling it? Hearing it? Collaborating?



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