Thinking of your youth, you’d smile

Recollecting the way you once were

But you haven’t been that girl in a while

It’s been too long since you’ve looked like her

You’ve got nothing left to lose

Like all the loves you’ve been beside

You had your time to choose

Which one you would let inside

Your cup is in your hand

It’s filled to the brim with tears and grains

Mixed with water and sand

You take it with your pills and pains

You thought you were the queen of sorrow

That your wounds would never heal

You thought you had to steal or borrow

Just to make it to your next meal

She’d open herself to you

With an outstretched arm and an open hand

She’ll offer it to just a chosen few

But only to those who understand

Last night, your name was on her lips

Your photos were still in her book

She used to watch the passing ships

Now she doesn’t even look

You remind her of a sailor

A love she had way back when

But now you’re so much paler

Not as handsome as you looked then

Her chocolate boxes are all empty

The ones you sent by mail

But that was when she was twenty

And you’ve long since set sail

— David Allen

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