“Laid to Unrest”

“Laid to Unrest”
How can this body live on once the heart has died?

Why can’t I leave this empty shell behind?

What will it take to make you see?

I’d still be alive had you been decent to me.

I saw my name all over the news.

A feed, a fodder, and all were amused.

You claimed that you cared for the time that we shared.

And in the same breath, you said you were abused.

I abused you with a love from a heart that beat its last.

I loved so deeply, it must’ve beat you senseless.

But you left me broken, incomplete and defenseless.

And after all was said and done,

When you’d put our love to rest,

You claimed I could fix this,

And put that theory to the test.

It would take two of you to clean up this mess.

But it’s only one of you that I loved best.

One had held my heart in your hand.

While the other had crushed it to ashes and sand.

I haven’t eaten or slept in days.

And somehow this broken shell remains.

Made to wander this empty world alone.

While behind me, the greatest love I’ve ever known.

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