“Broken Man”

“Broken Man”

You told me that the universe had answered your prayers
I said that we were meant to be
It scared you when I said that
You mentioned that you loved me
And I told you that I loved you, too
Then you said you didn’t mean to say it
You were worried that I’d think you insane
But love can be crazy sometimes
Love is only a feeling with a name

I can stare at you for hours on end
I remember every curve
Every line is etched in my memory
You can never leave me
Even when you’re gone
I can smell you long after you’ve left the room
I can sense the echo that you’ve left behind
The taste of you is all I know
And the loss of you can leave me blind

But sometimes you suffocate me
And other times you bruise me
Tickle me
Pinch at my heart-strings
But it’s when you scratch at me that I feel nearest to you
When you claw at my shell
When you force your way in
That’s when I hear you best
That’s when I feel at one with you
It’s only then that I feel at rest

Now you’re afraid that I’ll leave you
And this fear can tear us apart
It’s already begun to shred at my insides
It’s made a heavy weight of my heart
But I do have a say in the matter
I only ask that you trust in me
I implore you to guide me
Lead me
Hold onto me for as long as you can
Don’t let me fall too hard
Don’t leave me here a broken man

— David Allen

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