“A Distant Longing”

“A Distant Longing”

There are no words to define how I feel.
No diagrams can display what’s hidden inside.
There are no blueprints to map these forbidden lands.
These are desolate plains that are long since forsaken.
There are no specs for the secrets of the heart.
No charts have been etched to guide this lost soul.
You’re the greatest thing that’s never happened to me.
The truest love I’ve ever known.
We’re more alike than you’d care to admit.
But no one likes to admit when they’re wrong.
I can hear you in the walls of my chest.
You’ll never need to say a word.
I feel what’s in your mind.
You don’t even have to whisper. Your thoughts are deafening to me.
The blood behind my eyes quickens at the sight of you.
The heart only knows the pain it’s been taught.
You will never learn the things I forgot.
You’ll need to cut deeper if that’s what you’ve sought.
Your memory calls to me night and day.
I let the machine answer.
Your message was heard loud and clear.
Its sharpness was forged with clarity.
It echoes in my skull like the fluttering of wings.
Flapping in my head and beating in my throat.
A steely-eyed stare pierces my skin.
It can see the real me.
It knows what’s hidden within.
A twist of the blade and the hide will tear.
My love splits in two.
My heart is broken.
Your heart is reborn.
Scratch through the muscle and scrape at the bone.
I’d rather be broken than feel so alone.
You don’t need to speak.
Your words are like thunder.
My eardrums will shatter.
My body’s asunder.
The pressure will break what’s left of this shell.
You were ripped from the heavens.
Into my arms you fell.

— David Allen

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