A Crowded Empty Room

It seems so long ago now; like forever and a day
You held my hand, and I held your heart
I raised you up for the world to see
So proud to hold a piece of you
And now it’s a weight I cannot bear
I may roam free, but how free do I roam
When the reason I wander is that you’re never coming home?
But I know where I belong, and I’ll get there someday
With the little faith I carry along the way
I keep it in a bag across my chest
With a comb, a razor, and countless memories
Twenty years and counting, and I still dream of you
I’m alone even when you are near
How can I put my trust in anything I see, when all I see is you?
A ghost of what you were is all that lingers here
In the clock on the wall; the time, and the hands that carry on
In the songs that children sing; in the streets; in the halls
Everyone I meet I compare to you
Their faults are only that they do not compare
Their friendship; their trust; their honesty
Are all in vein and wasted on me
I look for you in a crowded room
With only the sound of your heart as company
A hollow beating in this empty womb
In my mind you live and die with me

— David Allen

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