“Close To Me”

There’s something growing deep inside of me
Blue and black
Oil and blood
It wraps itself around my dreams
Pertinent and unclean
It leaves it’s stains upon my memory
Tainting all that I recollect
A time, a place, a person of intellect
Once when I was purified
Once upon a lullaby
But now you curl up deep within
A shrine between my temples
A house for you to kneel and prey
To feed and gnaw so endlessly
My thoughts, my prowess, my violent energy
A host to what you’ve come to be
The monster that’s inside of me

– David Allen

2 thoughts on ““Close To Me”

  1. Cindy Nagel

    Love, sinuous, down & dirty love!

    And I love that you have set up this up and I get a weekly digest! *quiver of delight*

    But, back to this one, dang, I REALLY have got to either figure out my current “home studio” software, or find some that I don’t need to “figure out” cuz (assuming you don’t mind), I REALLY want to record this one. It may be my favorite…although we do have to remember (no pun intended) my memory isn’t the best! In anycase, I really love it!



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