“Plight of the Herd”

“Plight of the Herd”

Compromises must be reached.
Our voices strained to be heard.
Carried on winds so doubtful, so shaken.
Echoed are our words, thickened by lies.
A left side to sting us.
A right hand to salt.
Our wounds deep and open, penetrated by promises unkept.
Determined to retaliate.
Bent on retribution.
We struggle on, pressed by condemnation.
Hesitant for fear of exposure.
Ignorant are those who wait for respite.
A plunder of hope.
A song for a nation.
Smothered by boot-heals.
Flattened by an iron fist.
Banners all tattered and waving in unity.
A flag, an idea, a symbol of impunity.

– David Allen

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