“Evil Unbegotten”

Do you remember me?
I’m the one from that late night double-feature.
The one you watched on the edge of your seat.
I’m that bad man you love to hate.

You saw me again the other day.
That mannequin on the showroom floor.
That dummy in the window.
Still hard and lifeless.
Just as cold as before.

You’ve seen me dressed in costumes.
With my face all mashed and plasticine.
I still wear a smile for you.
Painted beneath this stretched out foam and latex.

Staring lifelessly into me, I’m looking back at you.
Without the faintest hint of recognition.
Not a clue as to who or what you are.

You’ve seen my face in every car,
Every subway, bus and airport.
You just keep walking by.
And still, you don’t recognize the wax-mold features behind your eyes.

That was my reflection in your morning coffee, reading from your Sunday paper.
It was my face you saw on the front page, looking back in lament.

I was in that glass of bourbon you nursed like it was wounded.
You washed me down like I was yesterday’s news, without a second thought.

I see the way you look at me.
I know your every move.
I watch you underneath your sheets.
I hear you mutter in your sleep.

I know the friends you keep.
I can tell them all your secrets.
But some things are better left unsaid.
And this you’ll take to the grave.

Do you remember me?
I’m that nightmare you tried to forget.
The one you woke from screaming.
When you weren’t sure if you were dreaming.

I’m more real than you’ll ever know.
And you know just who I am.
I’m the man you see in every mirror.
I’m the evil that you’ve done.

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