It’s just too damn hot for me, and I’ve grown too cold for you.
Somewhere in between, my love, is where I’d like to meet.

The lights of the city high above block out all but night.
And on the beach, your head held high, you soak up all the heat.

There’s oceans between us from shore to shore, washing on your feet.
A concrete heaven below my souls, a narrow city street.

But you love the sounds and the crashing waves and the wind between your teeth.
I’m afraid that’s just too much for me. It hasn’t got a beat.

A simple man is what you see, a poor boy in the wind.
With tattered clothes and hair all matted and gum upon my seat.

But I’m happier to roam the streets, a place where I call home.
Then to be a bottle on the foam, washed up on the beach.

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